• 1. No 3rd party watermarks of any kind.
  • 2. Videos need to be original file types/formats. (Cannot be edited unless otherwise stated in the below rules).
  • 3. Needs to be your own original content (filmed yourself) unless otherwise stated that you are submitting for contributor status.
  • 4. There MUST be nudity (unless in cases of candid/creepshot material). Otherwise, while we do not discriminate based on quality of the content, it must pass the generalized 'someone, somewhere could possibly masturbate to this' guideline.
  • 5. ALL submissions are subject to further verification even if requirements are followed in the event we feel it's needed.

We offer free membership to

  • Content Creators
  • Contributors (2 types)


  • Content Creators:

    • You film the content yourself. It is exclusive to you. You are the original filmer and nobody else can claim otherwise.
  • Contributor

    • Type 1: You do not necessarily film any content yourself but you are in possession of rare/original content that is either semi-exclusive to you or hard to find/rare and you would like to offer it up to the club in exchange for membership
    • Type 2: You are generally helping contribute by bulk/mass uploading, making suggestions, being active in the community, putting in a good word for us out on the internet, etc.


  • We have different requirements for different types of shooters as some types are harder to verify and other types employee more risk.
  • Content Creator Types

    • [1] Candids & Creepshots
    • [2] Changing Rooms & Cabins
    • [3] Exhibitionists
    • [4] Home & Bathroom
    • [5] Public Restrooms
    • [6] Technocreeps & I.P. Cameras
    • [7] Window Peeps
    • [8] Other
  • Special Note: ALL of the below "requirements" are subject to further verification if we feel it is needed.


  • IF 'Normal' Type Candid Material
    • MINIMUM: 10 full length videos (or) 5 full length videos + 5 matching social media/photo sets to go along with the submitted videos.
  • IF 'Upskirt' Or 'Nude' Type Candid Material
    • MINIMUM: 7 full length videos (or) 4 full length videos + 3 matching social media/photo sets to go along with the submitted videos.
  • Exception 1:
    • Unless you are a well known candid shooter with a recognizeable username. (For example; PrincessLeia from TCF). In this case the minimum requirement will be much less and we will only need to verify you are who you say you are.
  • Exception 2:
    • If you believe your candid/creepshot is of a higher quality than most submissions we might receive on a regular basis you are welcome to submit whatever amount you think is fair, but it will still be up to us to decide whether or not it is.
  • Exception 3:
    • If the candids/creepshots are not 'publicly' filmed and set inside of home/around people you know instead of random strangers. In this case, feel free to submit what you think is fair and we'll discuss with you after reviewing.


    • 3 Full Length Videos (or) 6 Cut/Edited Down Videos


  • Extra Requirements:
    • At least one, if not more; of the subjects appearing in the video need to *appear* to be unaware of the initial filming.
  • Type 1:
    • You share intimate material of your wife/girlfriend/etc. more for the purpose of 'exposing' them rather than 'spying' on them (in essence). No matter if instances of having sex with them on camera, or filming them around the house (outside of the act of 'generalized voyeurism) or other obvious case scenarios;
    • MINIMUM: 8 full length videos (or) 5 full length videos + 3 matching social media/other intimate photo sets (example; stolen panties) to go along with the submitted videos.
  • Type 2:
    • Flashing/Groping. Example; you show your genitals to (or) grab/feel unsuspecting victims in different scenarios.
    • MINIMUM: 4-5 full length videos.
  • Exception (Type 2):
    • You are a female performing the act in which case the minimum is 2 full length videos.
  • Type 3:
    • Public Shooters. Example; you find/film a couple having sex in a park (or) film something else genuinely interesting.
    • MINIMUM: 7-9 full length videos.


  • Note:
    • You ARE allowed to blur face if the subject is someone close to you or if it is sensitive in the original submission
    • MINIMUM: 3 full length videos (OR) 6 Cut/Edited Down Videos.


  • Type 1:
    • MINIMUM: 3 full length videos.
  • Extra Stipulation For Type 1:
    • If 'full length' is under 30 seconds in most of your content scenarios then the minimum is 5-6 full length videos.
  • Type 2: Public Shower
    • MINIMUM: 3 full length videos (OR) 6 Cut/Edited Down Videos.


  • Type 1:
    • General 'Technocreeps' are for example; "hackers" or content obtained through methods of 'stealing' it through means of social engineering, rats, cracking, etc. For instance; 'leaked' Snapchat photos.
    • IF vulnerable webcams or in cases where any 'full video' type material can be provided;
    • MINIMUM: 10-12 full videos + explanation of how you obtained them.
    • IF 'leaked' 'sets' type material in generalities;
    • MINIMUM: 25 FULL 'sets' + explanation of how you obtained them. (Regardless of the number of videos/photo ratio).
  • Type 2:
    • I.P. Cameras. If you access/download footage from unsecure/vulnerable wifi/security/I.P. Cameras. MINIMUM: 3-6 full videos + explanation of how you obtained the cameras (to show general knowledge of scanning for cameras).
  • Extra Requirement #1 For Type 2:
    • MUST be 3-6 different/unique cameras (cannot be the same video of the same subjects).
  • Extra Requirement #2 For Type 2:
    • MUST be able to provide the login information for at least 3 of the cameras for the videos submitted. (We will not share this information, it is only to verify that you actually do have access to these cameras).
  • Extra Requirement #3 For Type 2:
    • Camera/videos MUST be (relatively) exclusive to you. For instance; not cameras where you just simply obtained login information from someone else.
  • Exception For Type 2:
    • If the cameras could easily be mistaken for a genuine hidden camera (for example, in a bathroom/not overhead view) and/or is extremely high quality (to be determined by us) then in this case only 2 of the 3-6 full videos need to be unique.


  • Type 1: Short-Range
    • MINIMUM: 4 full length videos + screenshot of your other contents.
  • Type 2: Long-Range
    • MINIMUM: 8 full length videos + screenshot of your other contents.
  • Exception For Both Types:
    • Optionally minus -1 video if a social media/photo set can be included with a video of the subject in the video. (Maximum of 1 for type 1. Maximum of 2 for type 2).
  • Exception For Type 2:
    • If you believe your long-range window shots are of a higher quality than most submissions we might receive on a regular basis you are welcome to submit the same minimum amount that is required of type 1 (short-range) but it will still be up to us to decide whether or not it is.


  • Type 1: Fake Content/Model/Actor/Actress/Pornstar
  • Type 2: Non "Traditional" Voyeur Content
  • Type 3: Animation
  • Type 4: Funny/Busted
  • Type 5: Celebrity/Paparazzi
  • Type 6: Misc. Not Listed

  • Please contact us directly to discuss.


    Q: How does your verification process work?
  • A: You submit your content creator application, we review it, we approve or reject it. You are notified in both cases.
    Q: How long does the verification process take?
  • A: Initial review is generally in under just a few hours. Sometimes even as quickly as under 30 minutes (if not sooner). But in a worst-case scenario, a maximum of 24-48 hours. (This would be rare). However, any follow up questions or extra verification needed would depend on how fast you answer and respond back.
    Q: Who is looking at my creator application?
  • A: Only the most trusted admins/mods @ CLUB.CREEP - Nobody else will ever see anything without your permission.
    Q: How do you verify the person is the original creator while also considering their privacy and security?
  • A: We have a number of different methods.
    • 1. First and foremost, the admins/mods reviewing your content are EXTREMELY familiar with the voyeur community. In about 8 out of 10 instances, we will know right away whether or not the content is original/we've never seen it before or if you are who you say you are. This is not a one man show and we have a handful of people who know the different categories of voy and the shooters in that category very well.
    • 2. In many scenarios we may know where you used to originally post. For example; an XHamster or TCF account. We could make contact through one of those platforms or even your email (so long as we know from historical experience that it belongs to the original creator). 3. File names. We can double check our own museum of voy collection to see if we have the files/or files from the same set to cross-reference.
    • 4. Trivia. Because we do know a lot about the voyeur community we could simply ask you a few follow up questions that we already know the answers to. For example; other usernames you used to go by or what type of camera you used/your setup.
    • 5. Ask for screenshots of your other content/folders/original files.
    • 6. Ask for a follow up video in the same location/or unblurred face (which would not be shared).
    • 7. Hold up a sign in the filming location with date. (Obviously you would not show your face or anything).

    • These are just a few things we have done in the past, but we would never, and will never ask for anything personally identifying of you.
    Q: How do you verify a well known creator/retired creator if they have no new original content and/or all of their original content has already been leaked?
  • A: Please refer to some of the above answers for our verification in general. Such as number 2.
    Q: Am I required or obligated to share my original content if I get accepted into the club?
  • A: Nope, never. We are just glad to have original creators on board the same ship for the potential you might have to share whenever you feel comfortable with it. And/or just to generally participate in the community.
    Q: What does "full length" mean in the submission requirements?
  • A: Normally it is relative to the video/subject in the video/and the action being performed. You cannot help that the subject only took a 15 second piss. However, typically it would be a minimum of 1+ minute.
    Q: What if I want to submit a lot?
  • A: If you want to submit more than the amount of upload fields that we have on our site we recommend using a 3rd party cloud storage host like
    Q: What are the best practices for a contributor submission?
  • A: We hate it when people send us something they THINK is rare (or actually is rare but we still already have it) and then they feel ripped off and accuse us of scamming them or something. (Go fuck yourself).

If you want to just send us whatever, then whatever. But the best practices for doing this would be to just simply upload screenshots of what you have and we can discuss from there that way nobody has to feel any negative type of way after uploading and sending videos over.