We can explain it to you, but we cannot understand it for you. If you don't read thoroughly, go fuck yourself.


[A] The fuck does it look like?

Butt, okay, I'll oblige. CLUB.CREEP is the internet's newest and most bestest voyeur website! If you know anything about your voyeur history then the story goes like this; after TVF and a few other platforms went down and everyone went their separate ways a few of the more well known users in these places actually decided to stick together to keep sharing and filming in the shadows 'away from it all'. But then a bunch of assholes like SpyIRL started popping up and just posting all of our content without even giving anyone credit for the work and charging people for our risk and content. So as the real O.G. Content creators, one of them being NTGG, we decided we should create a voyeur site THE RIGHT WAY, by creators, for creators (and not just an asshole with a stolen pirated collection like SpyIRL poop face). So we started a group, started inviting people to it, and sold memberships to view our content to help fund a website. So CLUB.CREEP was started as a not for profit club just to help get the website you are on now off the ground. And here we are!

[Q] How do I join CLUB.CREEP?

[A] In case we didn't already make it easy enough for you by adding the one-thousand and one popup prompts with the 'JOIN HERE' button around the website.

    Otherwise you can just go here}


    You can pay with several types of cryptocurrenies or use your regular credit/debit card to buy a purchase key.

    To buy a purchase key with your credit/debit card you can find instructions here}


    OR you can join CLUB.CREEP for free as a content creator or contributor. (More information on that can be found below).

[Q] Do I have to pay?

[A] If you have nothing to offer except money, then yes. Our good reputations in the voy community, and actually being a part of that community gives us a better understanding than most. It's fucking voyeur. We're all pirates essentially. But we also know that 95% of the people on Anon-IB type boards do a lot of begging while only 5% do the sharing, whether they are content creators or not so we hope to have found an even balance. Content creators are always welcome for free. Contributors are always welcome for free. But if you're a begger, then you're welcome for a price. Beggers can't be choosers. If you're into premium voy content, and XH doesn't cut it for you, then that's on you. We made it to where even if you're not a content creator, you can still pitch in to help the cause and join for free. But if you're just one of those pricks who thinks the world owes you something, go wait for Biden to send you a stimulus check.

Besides, we offer a pretty decent free video section also so you can test out the side and jerk off a few times before making the leap of faith and joining. We did a huge RIP of XHamster and several other sites before the purge. Anything with those watermarks we put up for free, and we allow our content creators to choose 'Anyone' view if they wish to. Content creators and contributors can join for free too as we keep saying. We are only charging leechers with nothing to contribute. Completely fair.

We have a few REALLY good options though. Trolls and losers that can't afford to join try to scoff at our prices but let's be fair here. Go look at any of our competitors; they don't have shit, or have the same old boring shit you've seen a million times. And they're charging about as much as we do. But even there, we have them beat;

TomVoyeur, SpyIRL, HiddenZone, etc. all cost between $20-$30 (or more) a month. But us? $33 a month, solid. PLUS we offer rewards for free months after you become a member that everyone can participate in.

Liking videos, commenting on videos, favoriting videos, participating in the community, suggesting edits on videos, earning points, can all get you free months.

AND if you reallyyyyyyy look at our pricing, we become MUCH cheaper the more you pay for.

  • 1-MONTH: $33.33
  • 3-MONTH: $69.69
  • 6-MONTH: $99.99
  • 1-YEAR: $123.45
  • And so on.

So quit bitching. We're offering way more than anywhere else is. If you don't like it then go fuck yourself (literally).

[Q] How Do I Join For Free As A Content Creator?

[A] Super simple. Go to your 'Account & Profile Settings' > General Settings > Content Creator Application

All FAQ (Frequently Annoying Questions) regarding the content creator application can be found here} application-guidelines

[Q] I Submitted A Content Creator Application, When Will I Hear Back From You?

[A] Soon. Sometimes in a few hours, sometimes in less than 30 minutes, just depends on how many admins/mods we have online and what they are doing. Generally though, NEVER more than 48 hours, but pretty much almost always in MUCH less than 24 hours.

[Q] I paid, where is my membership?

[A] Checkout our reviews here} coinpayments.net

See that one negative review asshole? He is currently a happy member and jerking off like crazy. In his shitty review he asked; "I can't view any of the content why?"

The answer was; "because you left a review before the transaction confirmed."

If you are paying with crypto, patience is a virtue. It typically takes about 15 minutes. Your account WILL automatically upgrade. We promise.

If you are using a purchase key, it is literally immediate.

In both cases, your account WILL automatically upgrade. You don't even need to contact us.

IF you happen to have any issues, please feel free to contact us here} CCWEBDEVIL@protonmail.com

[Q] I'm already a member of the club and used to be on Mega but 'xxx' happened, can I get a re-invite?

[A] Nope. We sent out mass reminders, asked everyone to stay on Mega, in the chats, offered a bunch of opportunities and solutions and you still dipped. You see a big new fancy smancy website now and all of a sudden you want to be part of the cool kids club again. Nononononononanananapoopoostickyourheadindoodoo.


We tried to get everyone back on board, at this point you're just making us do more work than we can afford to do by going and digging back up to 3+ years.

IF we remember you or something, maybe, JUST MAYBE. Contact an admin and we'll see about it.

[Q] How do I create a 'Series' ?

[A] Easily! Go to CREEP.STUDIOS > Videos & Series Tab} Video Studio > Click 'Create Series' > Fill Out Information > Click 'Add To Series' > And from there you can select any videos you would like to add to that series.

[Q] How much 'xxx' kind of content do you have/will you have? Do you have 'xxx' creator's content?

[A] Yes, probably, most likely, maybe.

I don't care about how much you like 'xxx' content. You like watching girls take a piss? Good for you. We still don't care.

What you see is what you get. And as we have repeatedly said, we have more original content in terms of voyeurism than anywhere else on the net. This is a guarantee. You are more than welcome to browse the website and profiles and get a lay of the land. So you don't even have to take our word for it. If this still doesn't make you happy, then please go to counseling, your problems extend way beyond a simple porn addiction.


[Q] How Can I Sell My Videos?

[A] Not everybody can. We only allow this option for our HALL OF FAME members. Obviously, because we already charge for a membership to CLUB.CREEP we have to play this card very, very carefully otherwise paid members will feel kind of ripped off if they join and then realize there is also content for sale. However, if you are a HALL OF FAME member than you have well deserved the option to do this and it's extremely simple.

Go to CREEPLOADER > Select 'SELL SHIT' > That's it. Fill out information and done. This option will only appear if you are a HALL OF FAME member.

BUTT. ALL content creators are more than welcome to add their donation addresses to their public profile.

[Q] How Do I Add A Donation Address To My Profile?

[A] Go to 'ACCOUNT & PROFILE SETTINGS' > PROFILE SETTINGS + Profile Options > Scroll Down To 'The Plugs' section - Click It > There you go.

[Q] How Can I Make Money With Referrals?

[A] Simple. Go To 'ACCOUNT & PROFILE SETTINGS' > Creep Bank > And there you can find your referral link. (Looks like this: www.creep.club/?referral_id=be3de4211da0a5 )

If somebody clicks your referral link and joins CLUB.CREEP (pays for a membership) you get a % of the signup fee. ^In that same area you can 'check referrals' to see how many people clicked the link and joined, and see your balance. We have a minimum payout fee of $99usd - simply 'submit withdrawal request' once you reach the minimum and that amount in Bitcoin will be sent to your Creep Bank address.

[Q] What Is The Difference Between Donation Address and Creep Bank Address?

[A] Donation address is something you put on your public profile, and creep bank address is were we/admins send your payment to. We give this as a separate option just in case you want to keep the two serparate but you may feel free to use the same address for both. Up to you!

[Q] Can I download videos?

[A] I would recommend against it. Hurhur.

At the moment, yes and no. Creators/uploaders at the moment DO have the option to make the videos/content they upload available for download already. This is completely 100% up to them though and the admins of the site have nothing to do with it. A we'd always recommend; befriend and talk to creators, show appreciation for their work and they will be more likely to open up to the ideas and sharing more.

As for other content provided by admins. You cannot, but our web devs ARE going to include a download button in the near future. We are already experimenting with this feature. So it will not be too long from now we hope. HOWEVER.

[Q] Why do some videos have watermarks?

[A] We provide our creators/uploaders with the option to use CLUB.CREEP watermarks. This is typically outside of the admins control and they do it because it helps them protect their content and show support for the club and community they are proud to be a part of. Some creators even go out of their way to create their own watermarks for their videos to match their style. Again, this is outside of the admins control. The users/creators add the watermark optionally.

[Q] Is it possible to get Mega links or something? It sucks that compression ruins video quality.

[A] Yeah, maybe it's possible. You would have to talk to the uploader/creator. Can't make everyone happy. When we used to only operate through mediums like Mega people would complain that they had to download videos to watch them. And now that they can stream online, they bitch about not being able to download them.

But we also took compression and quality into consideration. Whatever you might think - we don't work like other tube sites. We keep original quality versions and file types in our storage. They are barely compressed and they are the same file/format they were when uploaded. It's an illusion that they are any worse of a quality from the type that was uploaded.

We are also adding a 'download' button which will allow you to download original file types. Patience is a virtue.

[Q] There is content creator only content privacy settings and I can't view it even after paying?

[A] Yep. Think about it like this. You use Mega.nz for instance. You join a voyeur chat room with 100 people. Most of those people are sharing material they otherwise may not have shared that you get to see because you are also in the chat room. But they may obviously keep some content to themselves. Some of our creators just simply use CLUB.CREEP as their own personal storage and set content to 'only me' privacy settings (so nobody except for them can have access to it). Sometimes they just use these settings because they uploaded a lot of content, and want to save some for later to share and don't want to show it all on the front page right away.

All in all CLUB.CREEP is a user generated / content site. (Just like XHamster for example). The community is run by the creators and members that upload. Admin help moderate it.

Fact of the matter is this; CLUB.CREEP, storage, streaming, downloading, hosting, etc. Is not free. So we have to juggle both. We give you access to content you otherwise may not have had access to. Be happy, befriend and talk to the creators. Maybe they'll share with you. Show appreciation for their work and they'll be more than happy to upload and show more of it.

But to be fair and even the playing field, content creators can ONLY be content creators if they have shared at least a % of their content publicly, as a stipulation.

[Q] What Do Different Badges Mean And Do?

[A] We have a plethora of different badges that mean and do many things, more than we can justify listing and defining here. (You'll just have to become a member and find out yourself). But we will go over a few of the most popular ones.

All badges are earned through some means or another and some badges also give special privaleges.

CLUB.CREEP Badge: Just simply means you are a member of the club. You get this buy paying to join the club, or getting accepted as a content creator, and so on. The perks of this badge are having generalized access to the website, seeing the members only content, accessing certain pages, joining the chat, etc.

CONTENT.CREATOR Badge: Pretty self explanitory. If you are an approved content creator, you get the content creator badge once you've shared content. (We allow ALL verified content creators to join for free which will earn you a normal CLUB.CREEP badge but if you want the CONTENT.CREATOR badge you will need to have at least shared 3 videos with the club at minimum. And if at any point you go less than 3 videos the badge is remove. This is because we don't want people joining as content creators and being bums and leeches as content creators also have access to special areas, content creator only content, etc.).

CONTRIBUTOR Badge: If you join the club through means of being a contributor. This is just a special addition on top of your CLUB.CREEP badge.

CREEP.HISTORIAN Badge: This badge is awarded to anyone who knows the voyeur community well. If you're the type of person that can look at a screenshot of a video and know the history behind it, where it was first posted, the username that uploaded it, etc. Then you can earn this badge from proving your voyeur know-how.

HALL OF FAME Badge: You get this badge if you are well known in the voyeur community. Does not even matter if you, yourself are a member of CLUB.CREEP. We give this badge to anyone whose content has helped countless numbers of perverts jerk off. But we don't just live in the past here at CLUB.CREEP, you can also earn it just by being a kickass member of the club. You don't NECESSARILY have to be a content creator to get one, you just need to be an awesome member of the community and like and known overall.

FUCKING DROCK'S MOM Badge: DRock is one of our CLUB.CREEP admins and everyone knows his mom is a slut. If you set your relationship status to 'Fucking DRock's Mom' then you earn this badge. And the longer you are fucking DRock's mom, the more anniversary badges you can earn for fucking DRock's mom.

We have many, many more badges. Such as, categorical badges for the type of content you film. Shot dressing rooms and upskirts? You get both badges. We also have many novelties, like the 'busted' badge.